End of year procedures

It's hard to believe that we are coming to the end of the year! There are several things you need to do to help make the end of the year in the library run smoothly.

First off,  all items are due May 29th, no exceptions.   We will stop letting items get checked out May 15.   Make sure you are checking lockers, classrooms, cars and bedrooms for anything you may have checked out.

Secondly,  make sure all of your files are transferred from your desktop to your U-Drive.  You will be getting the same computer back next year, but, the files will be cleaned off and updates made.

Speaking of computers, we will be doing computer collection May 28th.  We will call you down by grade.  If you are done with your computer earlier, you are welcome to hand it in. Make sure you have the proper cord, if you don't have the right one and someone else fails to hand it in, you will be charged $50 for a replacement.

The library will be open every Friday this summer.  You are welcome to come in and check out books.  Mrs. Wells will have hours from 9-11 each Friday.   If you email her, you may learn of other days she is in as well.