End of year procedures

It's hard to believe that we are coming to the end of the year! There are several things you need to do to help make the end of the year in the library run smoothly.

First off,  all items are due May 29th, no exceptions.   We will stop letting items get checked out May 15.   Make sure you are checking lockers, classrooms, cars and bedrooms for anything you may have checked out.

Secondly,  make sure all of your files are transferred from your desktop to your U-Drive.  You will be getting the same computer back next year, but, the files will be cleaned off and updates made.

Speaking of computers, we will be doing computer collection May 28th.  We will call you down by grade.  If you are done with your computer earlier, you are welcome to hand it in. Make sure you have the proper cord, if you don't have the right one and someone else fails to hand it in, you will be charged $50 for a replacement.

The library will be open every Friday this summer.  You are welcome to come in and check out books.  Mrs. Wells will have hours from 9-11 each Friday.   If you email her, you may learn of other days she is in as well.

YHBA/ Rosie books Released

The ILF (Indiana Library Federation) has released the 2015-16 YHBA  and Eliot Rosewater nominees.
Read! Vote! Win!
Each 9 weeks, the library has a drawing based on your votes.  Read one of the nominees, rank it from 1-5 and drop your ballot in the box by Mrs. Wells.  We will draw for books, posters and coffee shoppe coupons.  You may enter as many times as you wish, but only one vote per book. The votes close April 14, 2016. There are books for everyone! Stop in.

Did you know this about the library?

The library has several ways you can get updates to current information.  We are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.  Follow us and get updated information.

The goal is to give you as much information as possible about the library and what we have to offer you.   We add new books each week.  You can see them on the new releases spindle.   We try to offer a lot of options for you, but, we want to know more about what you are interested in seeing on our shelves.  Please take this survey to give us some ideas of what we need to add to the book collection. Take the Survey HERE.

Did you know we have an extensive movie and TV show collection?  Students are allowed to check out two movies at a time. We have tons of choices. You should stop in and see what we have to offer!

Would you like to order books?

Because we weren't selling enough books at our Fairs, Scholastic has decided not to let us host a fair this year...but, FEAR NOT, we have another option that might be even better for you.  Book Clubs!   Each month, you have the opportunity to order books online or through Mrs. Wells and they will be delivered right to the school.  What does this mean?  Usually, the books that come from the fair are regular price.  You can often get the same book from a club order form for 20-30% less!  That is more savings for you!   It's a great opportunity.   Check out the flyer below to learn more.  To visit the site click here.