End of year computer information

As the end of the year approaches, it is time to handle the end of year with computers.  This summer, we are going through what is called a refresh which means all of the students with a Nobi will be coming back next semester to a Lenovo.  With that being said, all students will be handing in their computers and all computers will be wiped clean and started over again.  Because of this, you will need to move all of your files from the my documents folder to the u-drive.   Remember, EVERYTHING is going to be taken off, including you iTunes music so if you set up the computer for iTunes, you will need to deauthorize that computer and move all the items from the MUSIC folder to the u-drive as well.  The video below walks you through moving items.  The second video is about deauthorizing an account on iTunes.

End of Year Procedures

Believe it or not, we are really close to the end of the school year.  It's time to start thinking about end of year procedures for the library.  Check your email weekly, as we are mailing overdue and current checkout slips each week.

First off,  your computer.  
All students with a computer need to save all files from My Documents into the u-drive. Your entire computer will be re-imaged over the summer and nothing will be left on it.  Computers can be handed in at anytime from now until May 30 if you are not going to need to use it.  When you hand it in, you will be asked to wait while we check it.  If it has a break, you will expected to fill out a claim form and meet with Mr. Webb.  You may have a $100 fine to cover the insurance deductible. If you have a break, get to us ASAP.  If you hand in a broken computer, you will be fined the replacement cost of close to $1000.

Library Materials
The last day to check out anything is May 16.  You will be expected to return everything by May 23.  Lost items will be assessed a replacement fee. Seniors MUST pay this fee or we can hold your diploma. If you have lost items, please report them as soon as possible.   We do not charge overdue fines, but items not returned at the end of the school year will be filed as lost and you will be charged for the materials.

When locker clean out happens, there will be library carts placed in the hallways.  You can place materials there as well, but we would prefer to see items appear before clean-out day.

Fines and Fees
If you owe any money to the library, you need to meet with us to make arrangements.  We do accept Boxtops for education to apply towards fines.  Every boxtop is 10 cents. Start collecting them and hand deliver them to the library to apply them toward fines.

If you have any questions, please mail the library staff.