Want to order some books?

Because we weren't selling enough books at our Fairs, Scholastic has decided not to let us host a fair this year...but, FEAR NOT, we have another option that might be even better for you.  Book Clubs!   Each month, you have the opportunity to order books online or through Mrs. Wells and they will be delivered right to the school.  What does this mean?  Usually, the books that come from the fair are regular price.  You can often get the same book from a club order form for 20-30% less!  That is more savings for you!   It's a great opportunity.   Check out the flyer below to learn more.  To visit the site click here.

Complete this survey for us.

This will only take you a minute!  We are planning on adding a makerspace in the library (a place to tinker and make crafty things).   Please take the survey to give us an idea of what kinds of things we need to have for you.

Welcome back Marines!

Are you interested in ordering books from scholastic?    The library has set up an account through Scholastic and you can order from us or online.  Books ship directly to us with free shipping.  If you are interested, see Mrs. Wells for more details.   

Please make sure you check your email on a daily basis.   That is going to be the one of the means of communication from the library.  Please stop by and check out the library website.  It is updated weekly when new books are added, as well as a place to get all sorts of information for papers, projects, studying, etc.

We are offering the coffee shop again this year.  Please note that food and drinks are only permitted in the library and not allowed outside of the library.   Students are expected to clean up after themselves and throw trash away.

Please be sure you return furniture to it’s original location.  It takes us a lot of time to reshift everything.

End of year computer information

As the end of the year approaches, it is time to handle the end of year with computers.  This summer, we are going through what is called a refresh which means all of the students with a Nobi will be coming back next semester to a Lenovo.  With that being said, all students will be handing in their computers and all computers will be wiped clean and started over again.  Because of this, you will need to move all of your files from the my documents folder to the u-drive.   Remember, EVERYTHING is going to be taken off, including you iTunes music so if you set up the computer for iTunes, you will need to deauthorize that computer and move all the items from the MUSIC folder to the u-drive as well.  The video below walks you through moving items.  The second video is about deauthorizing an account on iTunes.

End of Year Procedures

Believe it or not, we are really close to the end of the school year.  It's time to start thinking about end of year procedures for the library.  Check your email weekly, as we are mailing overdue and current checkout slips each week.

First off,  your computer.  
All students with a computer need to save all files from My Documents into the u-drive. Your entire computer will be re-imaged over the summer and nothing will be left on it.  Computers can be handed in at anytime from now until May 30 if you are not going to need to use it.  When you hand it in, you will be asked to wait while we check it.  If it has a break, you will expected to fill out a claim form and meet with Mr. Webb.  You may have a $100 fine to cover the insurance deductible. If you have a break, get to us ASAP.  If you hand in a broken computer, you will be fined the replacement cost of close to $1000.

Library Materials
The last day to check out anything is May 16.  You will be expected to return everything by May 23.  Lost items will be assessed a replacement fee. Seniors MUST pay this fee or we can hold your diploma. If you have lost items, please report them as soon as possible.   We do not charge overdue fines, but items not returned at the end of the school year will be filed as lost and you will be charged for the materials.

When locker clean out happens, there will be library carts placed in the hallways.  You can place materials there as well, but we would prefer to see items appear before clean-out day.

Fines and Fees
If you owe any money to the library, you need to meet with us to make arrangements.  We do accept Boxtops for education to apply towards fines.  Every boxtop is 10 cents. Start collecting them and hand deliver them to the library to apply them toward fines.

If you have any questions, please mail the library staff.

Interested in ordering books?

Shop Online: scholastic.com/readingclub
One-Time Class Activation Code: N28LQ

Dear Hamilton Students and families in grades 7-12,

Encouraging reading is one of the most important things we can do to help students succeed. It can be tough finding the right books to keep them interested, which is why I am so excited that our class will be participating in Scholastic Reading Club this school year.
With Scholastic Reading Club:
- Every book you buy earns FREE Books for our classroom library
- You can choose from handpicked, grade- and reading-level-specific books for your child
- You'll find the best values on a variety of formats, including eBooks

Thank you for your support,

If This Is Your First Time Ordering Online:
- VISIT scholastic.com/readingclub
- ENTER the one-time Class Activation Code (top of this letter)
- SHOP from a carefully curated selection of the best books, value packs, and Storia eBooks
- SUBMIT your order and earn FREE Books for our library!
- All book orders will be shipped to our library so we can celebrate the joy of reading together!

Today is the last day of Book Fair

Today is the last day students can come into the book fair but, online orders can continue until Monday.   If you are interested in going online and ordering, the items are shipped directly to the school as soon as the fair ends.  They should arrive later in the week.  We will get them to your student as soon as they come in or call you directly.

Here's the link to order:  Order Here

New Titles April 9, 2014

The cover's Blue

Ever read a book and loved it but can't remember the title?  It happens a lot in the library.  We have had people come in and say, the book I want is red and thick or it's white with green words and a picture of a ghost.  We often have to think really hard, figure out what genre it meets and go look through the stacks.

This month, just for giggles, we made our focus is books with blue covers.   We pulled some of the best, and some that many haven't thought about in a while and displayed them just for you.  Stop in and see what we have to read!  If you want another color, just ask, I am sure we can help you out!

New Releases April 2, 2014

Help a small school out

Hamilton Schools, one of the smallest in the state, is the only school in Indiana that is enrolled in the Follett Challenge, a grant that can award our library up to $60K for materials, tech, renovation, etc.   
Our school district has only 400 kids and some of the districts we are competing against have thousands.  It is hard for us to be able to accomplish a lot while being so small, so, I am not one to typically ask, but, if we could get some of our other Hoosier Schools and others around the nation to help us, we could perhaps earn the votes we need to boost up to the top.   Spread the word...we need to renovate our library to be handicapped accessible and safer for our kids.  We have no funds to do it alone.
If you could take a few minutes, copy and paste this link http://follettchallenge.com/video.cfm?id=288#.UyxCVqKsjLv or click here Our Follett Challenge Link and click vote by email, you will receive a pin in just a few seconds, put it in the box, submit, and voila, we have a vote.  We need to get about 5000 more votes to stand a chance.  YOU CAN VOTE DAILY! Any help is appreciated! 

Feeling Lucky

This month, since St. Patty's day is a part of the spectacle, my assistant and I decided to do a Fame and Fortune theme and focus on books that deal with that topic.  Our board, the luck of the Irish.
As many know, we are a genre based library and one of our themes is Fame and Fortune.  We highlight books there that deal with being famous; books about actors, musicians, teens with a famous family, etc.  A lot of them are girly chick lit, with a focus on LA drama, but, they read it.

We decided to pull titles from this genre and make our display relate to the fame.  We have noticed when we do these special themes, the kids are excited and they gravitate to the titles.  It has to be because the kids are seeing the front of the books. 

We are seeing the success of our program and will certainly continue it!

Blind date with a book

Anyone who has looked at Bulletin Board displays on Pinterest has seen the Blind Date with a book display featuring a fancy board with some text and then a stack of books covered with paper to unwrap after checkout.   We decided to jump on the band wagon and do that theme for the month of February.  We added a little bit of a twist, all the titles we wrapped are new releases that have never made it to the shelves. We thought it would be a fun way to get some new titles out there in a fun way.

We are working to make the board setup. (The three cancelations last week have made it impossible to complete a bulletin board, so I have no photos to share, just my thoughts)  We wrote the call number on the books and will manually check them out.   We are telling students they have to read at least 30 pages of the book before they return them so they can give them a chance. We are hoping to see a few people turned to a new genre or author.

We are hoping the fancy twist on checkout will make it a fun month for our students and readers.

Snow Day Reading Challenge

Well, we are on day three of being out of school due to cold and snow, so, Mrs. Wells has decided to offer a special Snow Day challenge.

Here are the rules:
1.  Read a book (any book that is your level. It could be from the library at school or your personal collection.)  It can be a book you checked out last week when we were in school as well.
2.  Google or check YouTube for samples of book trailers.   There are some AWESOME ones out there. Book trailers are quick and easy grabbers to a book.  They are like the trailers you see at the movie theater before the actual movie begins.
3.  On your school device, you have a program called MovieMaker.  It is built in.  Play around with it.  It is very easy to use.   Find some pictures, find some video, find some audio.  Look for Creative Commons, like I have mentioned before.   Assemble a movie about the book.  It only needs to be 30 seconds to a minute.   You can do clips and a voice over, you can record yourself talking about the book, whatever you feel is the way to get people excited.
4.  Save the document on your computer and stop in the library when we get back from weather days.  Mrs. Wells will help you transfer it to her.

The library staff will watch the trailers and choose the best one.  The winner will get 2 coffee shoppe coupons. Everyone who submits one gets their name in a drawing for a coffee shoppe coupon.

So... what are you going to read Hamilton?  Mrs. Well is finishing Beautiful Darkness and Insurgent.

Great Animal books

What does the Fox Say?  The fox says... READ!

The Hamilton Library Learning commons has a great collection of animal related books.  We have titles that will inspire you and titles that will make you laugh.   Our theme for the month of January is animal type books.

We pulled lots of fantastic titles for you to enjoy, including the Redwall series by Brian Jacques and the Erin Hunter Warriors series.  Looking for something inspirational?  Try Dewey, the book about a special cat that lived in a library.  Or maybe Marley and Me, the story of a naught dog.

We also have several classic titles about animals as well.   Stop in and look for something about an animal to read.  See the desk staff for help.

New Releases Jan. 14, 2014

Social media and Displays in the library

We moved to the genre format three years back, but we found that there were still genre that were not being checked out so we put our heads together and started creating inventive ways to share our genre with the students.  We started developing bulletin board displays in the hallway and making a selection of books available to the students in the media center.  We pulled titles that don't circulate a lot, but would be well loved if they did and voilĂ , a great way to share with students our selection of the month.

A few months we have gone way overboard.  We joined forces with the Student Council/ Spirit Club and made our theme go along with their spirit week.  We had a Zombie themed October and the Spirit Club had a Zombie war the last week of the month.  Kids tried to turn each other into zombies.  It was awesome!  We even had a few kids show up wearing zombie makeup.  

No matter what we do to share our displays, we rely heavily on several social media platforms to present the information to as many as we can.  We have a twitter account (@hamiltoncommlib) that is linked to our YouTube account and our Facebook account.   We have a Pinterest account as well. We are also working on a Flickr account or Picasa to keep track of all of the images we take.  We feel sharing as much information as I can makes people more aware of what is out there for them. It makes us feel like we are doing something right for our students.   Each week, we make an Animoto video with our new releases and put it on our school library blog/website. 

We have some hits and some people check them out.  All in all, we are pleased with the use of social media and how it is helping build PR for the library.