Dude... Check out this book

We decided to do a theme this month that focused on our most difficult patron to serve; boys.  Face it, in my school district, all of the decision makers about the collection are women, we all have sons but sometimes, we don't think the way they do.  It makes for a challenge in catering to the needs of our male patrons.

The library staff spent a great deal of time looking though our collection and pulling titles that we feel boys would enjoy.  Some titles are those that are action packed, some are sports related and some are books we don't feel circulate enough but could if someone grabbed it and read it.

We chose books based on recommendations from colleagues and friends as well as titles some of our avid boy readers have enjoyed.  Our goal is to get some of these books into the hands of non readers and maybe they will become readers.

We decided to focus on this theme because we have not been seeing a lot of boys come to the library learning commons to find books.  The trend has been to see the younger boys come in and girls in all grades.  Seldom do we see boys in grades 9-12 come in and get books.

Our plan was to select numerous genre so the boys could be introduced to several of the things we offer here.  Let's hope with time, they start to come see us and get some reads.

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