Want a few more read it before you see it titles?

We had a few questions about other titles that fit the read it before you see it category.  Here are a few more to look at.  Some are classics, some are new, some haven't even made it out yet, but are coming.

City of Bones Book one in the Mortal Instruments series is newly released.  We saw it hit the theatres back in August.

Beautiful Creatures Book One in the Caster Chronicles hit the big screen a few months back and is not on video.  We have the entire series, and will probably add the video soon.

Dangerous Minds This older movie is based on a book by a teacher who had a struggling class. Mrs. Wells read and saw them and really recommends them.

The Freedom Writers Diaries  Ask Mrs. White and her 9th graders, as they just finished the book in class.  The title is great and so is the movie.  It is a great read for anyone.

The Book Thief  This book has recently been adapted for the big screen. It will be released November 15th.  We have a copy waiting on the shelves.

Pet Semetary This Stephen King classic is still a hot commodity today.  Both the book and the movie are worth some time investments.

The Maze Runner If you like action you will LOVE this book. Mrs. Wells can admit that it is hard to keep on the shelves.  Stop in, check the display or the Sci Fi section.  It is worth the time. The movie is released on Valentine's Day. 2014

Enders Game On November 1st, this Orson Scott Card Sci-Fi series takes off on the big screen. Everyone Mrs. Wells knows who has read this book has LOVED it.  It sounds awesome and Mrs. Wells has added it to her to read list!

If I Stay a novel by Gayle Foreman has been started for the big screen. No word yet as to the release date, but you may as well read it before you see it.

Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monsters Both of these great titles are now in movie form.  Both are great reads (in Mrs. Wells' opinion).  Read the entire series and then hop into Riordan's next series: The Lost Hero

Avalon High Disney channel produced a movie a few years back about a descendent of King Arthur.  Meg Cabot wrote the book and we have it! Mrs. Wells loved it.

Ella Enchanted Gail Levine wrote this novel about a young gal named Ella of Frell who cannot say no and always obeys.  The movie is delightful and the book is just as good. Highly recommended by Mrs. Wells.

This is just a small list of books to movies.  If you see a movie coming out, maybe there is a book to go with it.  It's worth looking!

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