Read it before you see it

There are many books that have led to the big screen, or the television screen and The Hamilton Learning Commons is pleased to share some of these titles with you.   

Our theme this month: Read It Before You See It. Did you know these titles are soon coming out as movies or already are out.   Here is a great list of books we have that are now or soon to be movies.

Hunger Games and Catching Fire.  Many of you have seen Hunger Games, but did you know that the second installment Catching Fire comes out November 22nd?  Why not read the series before it comes out?

Divergent:  Veronica Roth has started her debut series and the first title, Divergent is set to hit the big screen March 21st, 2014. Aside from reading the book and starting the series, you can also earn a chance to win some prizes as Divergent is a nominee for an Indiana Award.  

The Harry Potter Series.  Who hasn't seen this one?  But, did you know that JK Rowling has agreed to write a screenplay for some of the books mentioned in the series.  While you wait, why not jump back in time and read these new classic titles.  We have all of the books and all of the movies available for checkout.

Holes.  Even though it has been around for awhile, who doesn't love the fantastic story of friendship in Louis Sachar's Holes.  The Library Commons has both the book and the movie.  It's a great quick read and you can't help but love the story.

The Fault in Our Stars.  Everyone at HCS who has read this book has RAVED about its awesomeness.  It is a state nominee this year and will be released on the big screen in 2014.  It is definitely worth reading.

Pretty Little Liars.  Even Mrs. Wells can tell you that this series is totally worth the time.  It is currently a teen hit on ABC Family (of course Mrs. Wells still watches it) and the book series is great too.  Will we ever learn who "A" is??? Read and see what you can figure out.

Safe Haven, A Walk to Remember, The Notebook and Dear John.  You have to admit: anything by Nicholas Sparks is going to be fantastic.  These three books are great reads and all of them can be viewed on the big screen.  Make sure you have your tissues, because all of them are real tearjerkers! 

The Princess Diaries.  Did you know the Princess Diaries is a book series by Meg Cabot?  Did you also know there are about fifteen books featuring Princess Amelia?  This great fairy tale has been adored by many and now, you can read the entire series or just parts.

This group of titles is just a beginning to what is out there.   Stop in and check out the display to see what else we have that is now on the big screen or on television.

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