New Releases November 26, 2013

Take note-  one of Mrs. Wells' recommended titles is on this list:  The Raven Boys.

A Doctor Who Themed December

With a new season of Doctor Who quickly approaching, my assistant and I decided it would be great fun to create a Doctor Who Themed month.   We decided to pull books that cross several of the genre Doctor Who represents:  Time Travel, Science Fiction and Historical Fiction.

Doctor Who has become a classical cult icon to several of our students and staff.   There are numerous Whovians amongst us who have our favorite character, favorite Doctor (Mrs. Wells thinks David Tennant is the best)  and even favorite episode.  Our devotion to the Doctor led us to our December Theme.

Because Doctor Who travels through time in his TARDIS (for non Whovians, a TARDIS is a machine shaped like a Police Box that is enormous and never ending on the inside, think of Hermoine's purse from Harry Potter but capable of transporting through space and time.  Doctor Who and his companion travel to various points in history to solve problems and outrun Daleks and Weeping Angels. Long story... you have to watch to see. )  Since we moved our collection to a genre style, we pulled titles that Doctor Who would experience- historical fiction books set in various eras (We pulled Chain by Anderson, A Northern Light by Donnelly, The Springsweet by Mitchell, Crispin by Avi, just to name a few.)  We also grabbed some Science Fiction books that fit a typical Doctor Who experience (Delirium by Oliver, Ashfall by Mullin, Starters by Price, Search for Wondla by DiTerlizzi, and XVI by Karr.)  Our final genre of choice was none other than Time Travel.  We grabbed books by James Dashner, Margaret Patterson Haddox and The Time Traveler's Wife.  We even shared the new Infinity Ring Series.

On Friday, we decided to have a Doctor Who themed day, wearing our Doctor Who shirts and maybe a Fez.  Cause like Books, Fezes are cool.

So, Read a book:  As Doctor Who says, "We are all stories, in the end just make it a good one!"

Donna Noble has left the library, and Donna Noble is safe!

Dude... Check out this book

We decided to do a theme this month that focused on our most difficult patron to serve; boys.  Face it, in my school district, all of the decision makers about the collection are women, we all have sons but sometimes, we don't think the way they do.  It makes for a challenge in catering to the needs of our male patrons.

The library staff spent a great deal of time looking though our collection and pulling titles that we feel boys would enjoy.  Some titles are those that are action packed, some are sports related and some are books we don't feel circulate enough but could if someone grabbed it and read it.

We chose books based on recommendations from colleagues and friends as well as titles some of our avid boy readers have enjoyed.  Our goal is to get some of these books into the hands of non readers and maybe they will become readers.

We decided to focus on this theme because we have not been seeing a lot of boys come to the library learning commons to find books.  The trend has been to see the younger boys come in and girls in all grades.  Seldom do we see boys in grades 9-12 come in and get books.

Our plan was to select numerous genre so the boys could be introduced to several of the things we offer here.  Let's hope with time, they start to come see us and get some reads.

New Releases for October 23, 2013

Book Fair is HERE!

Book Fair is here.  Family Night is Thursday October 24 during Parent teacher conferences.  Bring your parents in. Stop by and sign up for prizes.  We are giving away Books, coffee shop coupons, haunted forest passes and posters.  Entry is free!

Congrats to our First Quarter Prize Winners

Hamilton students have the opportunity to read books and vote for prizes.  Each year, the Indiana Library Federation organization AISLE has a group of teachers who select a group of titles to have students in Indiana rank for the honor of the Eliot Rosewater award and the Young Hoosier Book Award.  At Hamilton, we have a special prize package to honor the readers of these books.   How can you win?   Read the book, rank it from 1-5 and drop your vote into the bucket at Mrs. Wells' desk and at the end of the quarter, she (*or someone secret...shhhh) will draw three or four names to win special prizes.   We have Books, coupons and some other special treats.   Make sure you read the books and rank them.  If you do, you could be a lucky winner like these four:

This October: The Zombies are coming!

Welcome to the Morgue:  It's Walking Dead in Here.
We decided in honor of the month of October that our theme for the month will be ZOMBIES.  There are so many good zombie books out there now that we think our students will enjoy some of the new titles.

We have spent the last few days collecting the best and making them available to you. Be sure to stop in, you might be surprised by something.

Zombie books are one of the genre we have available in the learning commons.  We don't have a lot of titles, but student request has made the collection develop more and we are finding more titles are being added.

Here are a few titles we have pulled for you Zombie Fans... or those who are curious about Zombies:

Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter and its sequel Through the Zombie Glass.  Both of these sound super intriguing to Mrs. Wells also.  She even has a copy to give away at the book fair!

Zombie Blondes by Brian James.  Now, Mrs. Wells hasn't read this, but based on the number of times it has been checked out, it must be good.

The Benny Imura Series: Rot and Ruin/ Dust and Decay/ Flesh and Bone/ Fire and Ash by Jonathan Mayberry.   Mrs. Wells and Mrs. Nusbaum have noticed several holds on this series.  It seems that friends are making recommendations? We have the first three books and the fourth one is getting ordered.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies The name alone is a draw!  It sounds fascinating. How could you not want to read a book about Zombies with a Jane Austen theme?   There are a few other books that go with this series available in the learning commons.  Some of them look just as intriguing.

Zombie Queen of Newbury High by Ashley Ashby

You are so Undead to Me by Stacey Jay. This is a series that seems to be pretty popular with the girls. But, that doesn't mean a boy couldn't read it too!

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black.  The author alone makes this a recommended read.  Mrs. Wells has read rave reviews about the book and it has landed itself at the top of her To Be Read list.

Never Slow Dance with a Zombie by Ehrich Van Lowe. The title seems interesting, and it appears that it could be a quick read.

The Forest of Hands and Teeth Trilogy by Carrie Ryan.  How could you not love a series with dead people??? I mean really:  AWESOME!

This list is just the beginning of the titles we have ready and waiting for you in the Zombie of the Month Collection.  Stop in, put a book on hold, email us.  We can recommend a title or find one. Zombie books are awesome!

Want a few more read it before you see it titles?

We had a few questions about other titles that fit the read it before you see it category.  Here are a few more to look at.  Some are classics, some are new, some haven't even made it out yet, but are coming.

City of Bones Book one in the Mortal Instruments series is newly released.  We saw it hit the theatres back in August.

Beautiful Creatures Book One in the Caster Chronicles hit the big screen a few months back and is not on video.  We have the entire series, and will probably add the video soon.

Dangerous Minds This older movie is based on a book by a teacher who had a struggling class. Mrs. Wells read and saw them and really recommends them.

The Freedom Writers Diaries  Ask Mrs. White and her 9th graders, as they just finished the book in class.  The title is great and so is the movie.  It is a great read for anyone.

The Book Thief  This book has recently been adapted for the big screen. It will be released November 15th.  We have a copy waiting on the shelves.

Pet Semetary This Stephen King classic is still a hot commodity today.  Both the book and the movie are worth some time investments.

The Maze Runner If you like action you will LOVE this book. Mrs. Wells can admit that it is hard to keep on the shelves.  Stop in, check the display or the Sci Fi section.  It is worth the time. The movie is released on Valentine's Day. 2014

Enders Game On November 1st, this Orson Scott Card Sci-Fi series takes off on the big screen. Everyone Mrs. Wells knows who has read this book has LOVED it.  It sounds awesome and Mrs. Wells has added it to her to read list!

If I Stay a novel by Gayle Foreman has been started for the big screen. No word yet as to the release date, but you may as well read it before you see it.

Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monsters Both of these great titles are now in movie form.  Both are great reads (in Mrs. Wells' opinion).  Read the entire series and then hop into Riordan's next series: The Lost Hero

Avalon High Disney channel produced a movie a few years back about a descendent of King Arthur.  Meg Cabot wrote the book and we have it! Mrs. Wells loved it.

Ella Enchanted Gail Levine wrote this novel about a young gal named Ella of Frell who cannot say no and always obeys.  The movie is delightful and the book is just as good. Highly recommended by Mrs. Wells.

This is just a small list of books to movies.  If you see a movie coming out, maybe there is a book to go with it.  It's worth looking!

Read it before you see it

There are many books that have led to the big screen, or the television screen and The Hamilton Learning Commons is pleased to share some of these titles with you.   

Our theme this month: Read It Before You See It. Did you know these titles are soon coming out as movies or already are out.   Here is a great list of books we have that are now or soon to be movies.

Hunger Games and Catching Fire.  Many of you have seen Hunger Games, but did you know that the second installment Catching Fire comes out November 22nd?  Why not read the series before it comes out?

Divergent:  Veronica Roth has started her debut series and the first title, Divergent is set to hit the big screen March 21st, 2014. Aside from reading the book and starting the series, you can also earn a chance to win some prizes as Divergent is a nominee for an Indiana Award.  

The Harry Potter Series.  Who hasn't seen this one?  But, did you know that JK Rowling has agreed to write a screenplay for some of the books mentioned in the series.  While you wait, why not jump back in time and read these new classic titles.  We have all of the books and all of the movies available for checkout.

Holes.  Even though it has been around for awhile, who doesn't love the fantastic story of friendship in Louis Sachar's Holes.  The Library Commons has both the book and the movie.  It's a great quick read and you can't help but love the story.

The Fault in Our Stars.  Everyone at HCS who has read this book has RAVED about its awesomeness.  It is a state nominee this year and will be released on the big screen in 2014.  It is definitely worth reading.

Pretty Little Liars.  Even Mrs. Wells can tell you that this series is totally worth the time.  It is currently a teen hit on ABC Family (of course Mrs. Wells still watches it) and the book series is great too.  Will we ever learn who "A" is??? Read and see what you can figure out.

Safe Haven, A Walk to Remember, The Notebook and Dear John.  You have to admit: anything by Nicholas Sparks is going to be fantastic.  These three books are great reads and all of them can be viewed on the big screen.  Make sure you have your tissues, because all of them are real tearjerkers! 

The Princess Diaries.  Did you know the Princess Diaries is a book series by Meg Cabot?  Did you also know there are about fifteen books featuring Princess Amelia?  This great fairy tale has been adored by many and now, you can read the entire series or just parts.

This group of titles is just a beginning to what is out there.   Stop in and check out the display to see what else we have that is now on the big screen or on television.

Welcome back to school HCS!

It's that time of year again... back to school and this year, the Hamilton Learning Commons has a lot of things in store for you.  To get you all reading the Young Hoosier and Eliot Rosewater nominees, we are offering some challenges to the student body.  For each book you read and review (reviews are simple number rankings) we will drop your name in a hat and draw at the end of each quarter for prizes!  We have some books, some coupons to the coffee shop and some coupons for the book fair.  

The contest is simple:  Pick a title from the YHBA/ Rosie display on the short shelves, read the book, review it and give the review to either Mrs. Wells or Mrs. Nusbaum. You can earn extra tickets by writing a review (this can be done on the library software- Mrs. Wells will show you how), doing a book talk online or making a book trailer (Ask Mrs. Wells for details). The winners will be drawn the last day of the quarter and announced on the announcements. There is more information about each book here on the site, or you can check out summaries for each book at any questions?  Stop in and ask Mrs. Wells! She will help you with whatever she can!