Genre Shelving in the Library
After a lot of consideration and conversation, Mrs. Wells decided to reformat the layout of the library.  Instead of using a traditional order of A-Z with books sorted by author and title, we have taken one step further and started sorting by genre.  What does this mean?  All books are not sorted alphabetically in a specific area.  We have all the fantasy books together, magic books together, werewolf books together, etc.  It may be a little confusing at the beginning, but, as we move into this, we think you will appreciate it better.  We have developed a map of the space identifying the label you are looking for as well as providing book ends that carry the label.  Come in, look for a genre you like and start skimming through it.  We will help you however you need us to.  The card cataog is also identifying the location of books.  Mrs. Wells is working on a white paper for you to explain how to use the new and improved media center.   There are also signs all over the library with some sample books that fall into the different catagories.  Don't be afraid to ask us. We will do whatever we can to help.

Box Tops for EducationHamilton media centers have joined forces to collect Box Tops to increase our money to spend in the libraries. Everything collected will be split 50/50.  The HS/JH Media Center WILL accept box tops in place of fines.  There are collection bins in both libraries as well as both the K-12 and Central Office.  If you have digital boxtops to submit, you can do so by clicking the graphic. When you get to the site, you will be asked to create an account which you can use for all of your submissions.  There are often contests and prize programs available as well.  We appreciate all of your support.

iPad Procedures
Want to check out an iPad???  Before you do, there are a few simple procedures that need to be followed by everyone.
1. iPads are a priviledge.  You are expected to keep them clean and well kept.  Do not return an iPad covered in food and sticky stuff.
2.  iPads are to be checked out at the end of the day and returned first thing the following morning.  They will NOT be checked out the day prior to an extended vacation. 
3.  iPads are first come first serve.  We do have a waiting list, you can send us an email and request to be added.   We currently have 25 iPads to check out. All apps are closed daily and any game being played will get lost.  Teachers and classes get first priority.  If a class is going to use the iPad, none will be circulate.
4.  Fines do accumulate if the iPad is not returned by a certain time each day.  If you have a fine, you will not be permitted to check out an iPad until that fine is paid in full.
5.  If you forgot your nobi, you will not be permitted to check out an iPad.
6.  If you are using an iPad as a means to read an ebook on the kindle app, please make arrangements with Mrs. Wells in advance and your deadline will be extended a few days.
7.  You are expected to come to the library and physically renew the iPad or do it via the card catalog on the computer.