Welcome back Marines!

Are you interested in ordering books from scholastic?    The library has set up an account through Scholastic and you can order from us or online.  Books ship directly to us with free shipping.  If you are interested, see Mrs. Wells for more details.   

Please make sure you check your email on a daily basis.   That is going to be the one of the means of communication from the library.  Please stop by and check out the library website.  It is updated weekly when new books are added, as well as a place to get all sorts of information for papers, projects, studying, etc.

We are offering the coffee shop again this year.  Please note that food and drinks are only permitted in the library and not allowed outside of the library.   Students are expected to clean up after themselves and throw trash away.

Please be sure you return furniture to it’s original location.  It takes us a lot of time to reshift everything.

End of year computer information

As the end of the year approaches, it is time to handle the end of year with computers.  This summer, we are going through what is called a refresh which means all of the students with a Nobi will be coming back next semester to a Lenovo.  With that being said, all students will be handing in their computers and all computers will be wiped clean and started over again.  Because of this, you will need to move all of your files from the my documents folder to the u-drive.   Remember, EVERYTHING is going to be taken off, including you iTunes music so if you set up the computer for iTunes, you will need to deauthorize that computer and move all the items from the MUSIC folder to the u-drive as well.  The video below walks you through moving items.  The second video is about deauthorizing an account on iTunes.